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Shawn Springs

Retired after 13 seasons in the NFL, First  team All- Big ten, First Team All-American and  1996 Big Ten Player of the year for "The Ohio State University"- Highest drafted Cornerback in NFL history, Drafted number 3 in the first round in 1997 by the Seattle Seahawks, Former Pro Bowler ,Washington Redskins and New England Patriot, Current CEO/President of Windpact, Inc.

Pre-Postgame has built a unique company providing necessary services to current and former athletes key to their on and off-field success.

PPG gives guidance and leadership during tough transitional times.  PPG is a guiding light for those who struggle with next steps or simply need a sounding board to help balance everything that comes with being an athlete.

I’ve always said that being an athlete is so much more than just the sport…it’s really a full-time business and PPG have created the support that athletes need to navigate all that comes their way. I’m thankful to PPG for their dedication to the player.” 
— Shawn Springs

Brian Smith

Former Player

(NFL) San Francisco 49ers DB

Current Rice University  Defensive Coordinator

Former NY JETS Coach


Former University of Michigan DB Coach


Former Linebacker Coach Philadelphia Eagles


Notable players coached

All-Pro CB, Darell Revis/ ProBowl CB, Antonio Cromartie, Pro Bowl LB, Connor Barwin /Pro Bowl WR, Victor Cruz/ Heisman Candidate, All American DB, Jabril Peppers

I have counted on the hard work of PPG for over 15 years ago. PPG’s dedication to helping others is one of the things I admire most.

I believe Pre-Postgame Inc. is a company that provides an interpersonal service that is long overdue. From my own personal experience on both sides of the fence as a player and now a coach. The time I spend day-to-day is strictly focused on those that are here today and the future. I am extremely appreciative from a former players perspective that a support system such as this is now in place.
— Brian Smith

Larry Lee

45 combined years as a student-athlete, professional football player,Executive and contributor in the National Football League.  

Mr. Lee spent 8 years as a Guard in the NFL with the Lions, Dolphins and  Broncos respectively.Upon the completion of his playing career, Mr. Lee spent 10 years as Vice President of the Detroit  Lions.

He currently is the architect and guitar player in his group called Larry Lee and the "Back in the Day Band".

To whom it may concern, I been apart of and seen the up and downs regarding everything the sports business entails. I can honestly say that Pre-PostGame has created a structure and business model that truly benefits the young athletes and their families. PPG is built on credibility and transparency that educates and empowers the athlete in their business interest. PPG’s guidance, and management principles on and off the field covers and protects them long term, including transition and succession planning. I believe Pre-PostGame will be extremely impactful for the demographic they support for years to come. 
— Mr. Larry Lee